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Sustainable trade fair?
Yes, we can!

At meplan, we understand sustainability as our core responsibility in all our work processes. We always ask ourselves what impact our products and services have along the entire value chain – from the resources required, through production, the entire use phase including logistics and warehousing, to the after-use phase.

With the resource-conserving exhibition stand system woodï, meplan is a pioneer in the field of sustainable exhibition space design. Woodï is the first exhibition stand to be developed according to the principles of the circular economy and has been built a hundred times to date. Woodï fulfils our goal of circularity and significantly reduces the CO₂ footprint. 

The modularity, based on the multitude of individual product elements, makes woodï the perfect building block for the construction of entire exhibition halls. With a strict eye on circularity, innovative concepts can be realised that live sustainability in all areas.

Are you planning communal areas or entire catering areas that are designed to be sustainable from the ground up? Then woodï is the right choice for you!

In addition to hall concepts, the woodï exhibition system is also suitable for the realisation of individual and circular exhibition stands. Thus, from small system stands to fancy and large design stands, all wishes can be fulfilled.

Why woodï?

Woodï is the first circular trade fair construction system that finds primary application at the Messe München location. Locally produced and stored, modular and flexible. With a focus on systemic design, woodï lays the foundation for a fully circular trade fair.

The circular woodï exhibition stand construction system consists of a multitude of individual and always circularly conceived elements that guarantee a modular and individual conception.


The woodï.shop system is perfect for the realisation of exhibition stands or sales areas. Thanks to the modularity of the system, not only can all stand sizes be equipped, but the brand identity can also be taken into account.

With woodï.frame, both large hall areas and holistic hall concepts can be realised. This system is mainly used in communal areas, catering areas or trade fair forums.

The woodï.house system is the perfect complement for lounges and catering areas that invite guests and visitors to stay and relax. This system not only offers various application possibilities – from TinyCoffeeHouse to walk-in retail areas – but also high flexibility in exterior design.

Sustainability only works properly when all aspects of circularity are taken into account. This is the idea behind woodï.project. Based on the circular approach of the entire woodï trade fair construction system, this concept completes the circularity idea. A recently realised project can be marvelled at in Hall B0 at BAU 2023. In this hall concept, 3000 seedlings from a tree nursery were used as plant decoration, which were subsequently used for reforestation in damaged Bavarian forests.


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