Circular exhibition hall concept at OutDoor by ISPO 2024


Circular trade fairs?

Visitors at OutDoor by ISPO 2024 can experience a holistically circular hall concept up close in the Sustainability Hub. In Hall A3, which provides the stage for an immersive experience of sustainable innovations, all elements and materials have circularity at their core ─ from the shelves to the carpets. In collaboration with meplan, the concept is based on the circular trade fair construction system woodï.

With the resource-conserving woodï.system, meplan is a pioneer in the field of sustainable exhibition space design. Woodï is the first exhibition stand system to be developed according to the principles of the circular economy and has been produced over a hundred times to date. With the goal of keeping all material flows 100% closed-loop by 2028, meplan is setting standards for the exhibition industry. This closed-loop approach enables exhibitors and trade fair organizers to significantly reduce the amount of waste.

The circular highlights at

OutDoor by ISPO 2024

The modularity, based on the large number of individual product elements, makes woodï the perfect building block for the expansion of entire exhibition halls. With a strict focus on circularity, innovative concepts can be realized that live sustainability in all areas.

All woodï components are stored directly at the Munich trade fair site. This ensures the shortest possible transportation routes, which are handled with electric transporters and electric forklifts, thus eliminating unnecessary emissions.

The furniture used for woodï is called woodï.neo and was created in collaboration with the start-up WYE Design, which has received numerous awards for its sustainable efforts. They are made from the innovative material Neolign®, which consists entirely of materials that are produced as waste in other industries and are often incinerated. The main component is wood, with 83%.

Production takes place regionally and with green electricity. Their robustness and reparability give them a long lifespan, making them even more resource-efficient. And when they have finished their work one day, they are taken back and completely transformed back into the original material.

At OutDoor by ISPO 2024, woodï presents not only the versatile modules but also an innovative carpet concept. In collaboration with the woodïversum partner Wittmann, the carpets used in the Sustainability Hub will be recycled, giving all components a second life.

Rewind’s event carpets, which are 100 % recyclable, serve as the basis. The product of dedicated research impresses with latex-free needle felt solutions that massively reduce energy consumption thanks to the closed loop and do not require a drop of water for production.

woodï materials

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