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With woodï, meplan has presented a pioneering product that has been consistently developed in a circular and resource-saving way. Thanks to its modularity and flexibility, woodï adapts perfectly to all functional and aesthetic requirements. In this way, highly individual and innovative concepts can be realized that make sustainability comprehensively tangible. woodï finally fulfills all wishes: modular, flexible, resource-saving, climate-light, circular – consistently sustainable.

zero waste

Aim to recycle 100% of all material flows by 2028. This will significantly reduce the amount of waste at the end of trade fairs!

circular system components

(Carpet & furniture)

smart & regional logistics

(Storage of components directly on the Munich exhibition grounds)


Use of seedlings instead of conventional rental plants (reforestation project)

climate light

Get everything you need for your carbon footprint reporting. Monitoring is carried out annually using our woodï.decarb tool, audited and verified by myclimate.


A communicative and visionary space is at the heart of the Innovation Hub.

Communication Area:
A lively, inspiring place for communication, encounters and the exchange of ideas. The environment is themed around three topics and staged in an innovative way.

You can find more details in the design guide as a download:

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